2016 - Yasmin & Dean

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Wedding Date: 16th of July 2016

Number of Guests: 180
Wedding Ceremony Location: St Mary's Cathedral Sydney
Wedding Reception Location: Opera Point Marque - Opera House Sydney

What was the inspiration for your wedding style?  Formal Black Tie

How did you approach the planning of your wedding?  
Each day at a time - not necessarily the best approach as it became quite stressful. Try and consult with girlfriends or family members who have been married as they always have good advice based on experiences of their own. 

What was your favourite styling element from the ceremony and reception?
I loved the fairy light ceiling and the 100's of candles throughout it - it gave it a warm special intimate feeling which i felt really tied everything together. I basically LOVED everything so it's hard to narrow this down to just one thing.

What advice would you give for couples planning their wedding?
Stress and differences of opinion are natural and very normal BUT always take the time to remember why you are getting married and hopefully you will both remember that it's all worth it in the end even if you can't see if before you wedding YOU WILL DEFINITELY realise after that it's all worth it in the end. I promise x

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