2015 - Anastassia & Dimitrios

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Wedding Date: 18 April  2015   

Number of Guests: 78   

Wedding Ceremony Location: St Nectarios Orthodox Church, Burwood   

Wedding Reception Location: Museum of Contemporary Art   

What was the inspiration for your wedding style?
The reception room was the inspiration - it had high ceilings and glass throughout, I wanted something that would be light and go well with the sky right outside, as well as fill up the space, especially height wise. When we first came to meet with Adele at Decorative Events, she showed us a cushion with a pattern and colour we absolutely loved. This set off the entire creative process, where we then moulded everything around that main feature, the color and pattern, which we used in our table runners, and even in our wedding invite.   

How did you approach the planning of your wedding? My husband was there with me from day one. We both have a similar style, and literally came up with the plan for the day together. It all started with the venue and we went from there with all the details. I took on the flowers, but we worked together to come up with a cohesive idea that would translate from the invite to the venue decorations.   
What was your favourite styling element from the ceremony and reception?
I absolutely loved that we got married straight after Easter, that meant the entire Church was full of flowers, which was a great bonus. Overall though, as a styling element - I loved the way the floating “log” turned out in our reception space. The fact that Adele managed to custom make the runners for us from the same material as the cushions we saw on our first consultation, that was what made the whole event what it was, the decorations made the space!   

What advice would you give for couples planning their wedding?  
I would have to say that it is extremely important to come up with the venue for the reception as early as possible. The venue truly is the inspiration for the day. Once you have the venue, work from that to ensure you get elements that work with that and your personal style. The highlight of the day, besides marrying the man of my dreams, was walking into the venue and seeing all the work pay off! It looked absolutely incredible and I am so glad we went to all the effort of planning every single element. And definitely work with Decorative Events - they are the best (and we went to a few others before deciding on them!) - the professionalism, fantastic creativity, ease of everything, can not be matched.

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