2016 - Natasha & Tanner

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Date: 14/03/2015

Number of guests: 120

Wedding Reception Location:  Fort Denison Marquee 

What was the inspiration for your wedding style?
The Great Gatsby - Art Deco - Old World Glamour 

How did you approach the planning of your wedding?
The venue really had the biggest influence on the planning for the rest of our wedding. Once Fort Denison was locked in, the rest fell into place. In terms of styling, we wanted to keep it simple but elegant, in order to highlight (rather than overpower) the beautiful setting.  

What was your favourite styling element from the ceremony and reception?
Festoon lighting and outdoor area staging, the crystal glassware and the amazing flowers!  

What advice would you give for couples planning their wedding?
Be very specific with the photographer and videographer about what you want recorded in advance of your wedding day. Designate someone to manage the details on the day as the bride and groom will be too distracted to remember everything and remember to stop and enjoy the planning and the day as it’s over before you know it!  

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