2015 - Claudine & Jhi

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Wedding Date: Saturday 16th May 2015

Number of Guests: 125

Wedding Ceremony Location: St Peter Chanel Catholic Church, Hunters Hill

Wedding Reception Location: Opera Point Marquee

What was the inspiration for your wedding style? Elegant & Romantic

How did you approach the planning of your wedding? I tried to stay calm and relaxed throughout the planning process. I also took a step by step approach. When times got a bit stressful I would turn to those around me for support.

What was your favourite styling element from the ceremony and reception?
Our favourite styling element from the ceremony were the ush fowers on either side fo the alter. We loved the art deco draping behind the bridal table an the gorgeous fresh seasonal flowers in crystal flare vases on each guest table at the reception.
What advice  would you give for couples planning their wedding?
Take your time with the wedding planning, take it one step at a time this will keep stress levels at bay
Get help from the people around you (bridal party/family), you’re not alone and you’re not expected to do everything yourself.
Don’t get caught up in the ‘perfection’ don’t sweat the small stuff
Create a thorough pre-wedding checklist, and a thorough run sheet for your big day.
Plan ahead, don’t procrastinate and only do things you can afford.
Let your creativity flow, trust your own style and taste, this is your day!!
Keep it simple

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