2016 - Bianca & Luke

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Wedding Date:   Saturday April 2nd 2016

Number of Guests:     150 guests (Cocktail Reception)

Wedding Ceremony Location: St Mary’s Catholic Church, North Sydney

Wedding Reception Location: Bather’s Pavilion, Balmoral Beach

What was the inspiration for your wedding style? Vintage Chic

How did you approach the planning of your wedding?  
After locking in our venue, I planned the day around what I thought would suit our wedding venue and location. We knew we loved the look of a classic, vintage wedding. The dress came next, which also reflected the theme of the day. It was always important to us to stay true to what we believed our dream wedding would have. We made a list and had some non-negotiables, such as we knew we didn’t want a sit down wedding. We knew that we wanted a more relaxed feel with not too many disruptions. We knew that our entertainment had to be second to none and unique. We knew that we wanted the wedding venue decked out to reflect a vintage, yet stylish and romantic theme. I would suggest buying a wedding book and making it your ‘Bible’ to keep you organised too. I also used Pinterest to have pictures ready to show my stylist, florist, hair and make up people.

What was your favourite styling element from the ceremony and reception?
I loved everything Decorative Events did for our day. From the moment I met with Adele, she made sure my dream wedding came to life. Nothing was impossible and we were able to stay in our budget, which was amazing! Decorative Events allowed me to choose from a range of furniture options. All the furniture they use are well-kept and look brand new. My favourite elements from the reception venue were the outdoor fairy lights and plants. I also loved the centrepiece couch inside, topped with beautiful flowers. The furniture was well placed and looked stunning. I was also thankful that a big, white material backdrop could be hung up. 

What advice would you give for couples planning their wedding?
Stick to your guns! Don’t let other people sway you away from your dream wedding. Be specific and have ideas ready and organised. Have a budget in mind but be a little flexible with it. Enjoy the process, even though it may seem stressful. When you leave your wedding you will realise that every second you spent on it was worth it (the money too!). We wouldn't have changed a thing. Good luck!

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